Keeps asking me to enter the unlock code after restarting the phone

This situation has so far only occurred with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

It seems like an issue with the phone itself but we have been informed that a pending software update may be able to resolve the issue. Unfortunately this is something out of our control and the phone should be successfully unlocked, but the only advice we can offer is to avoid turning the phone off as much as possible.

We do understand that it can be an annoyance but we expect that the software update will remove the need to enter the code altogether once it has been applied.

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    Tracy Langley

    Ive got a Samsung Galaxy Apollo and its doing the same as the Nexus and I carnt use my phone as I got rid of the email with the unlock code on it as didnt think I would need it again.  How do I get the code back?  Do I have to pay for a new one?

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    Hi Tracy,

    Please email through to use using our support email and we'll be able to help get your old code resent to you.

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    Asher W-W


    I have an opposite problem, my phone asked me for unlock code just once and when I entered the code, it said the code was incorrect and proceeded to my home screen as normal. When I tried restarting the phone, it never asked me for unlock code again. How can I get the prompt again, I have tried taking the sim card out and in, swapping it back to my old sim card then switch the phone on, switch it off and put in my new sim card but none of these methods worked?

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