Unlocking Samsung mobile devices; Troubleshooting “Unlock code request unsuccessful.”

When you travel or settle in a new territory, you would be required to change your SIM card to the ones that work in that particular region. You insert the new SIM card, and it prompts Type “SIM network unlock pin” or “network blocking control key”. Once it asks you for these codes, the next thing is to go online and search for the pin codes.

When you enter the unlock codes, and you get one the following messages,

- “Unlock code request unsuccessful.”

- or “Failed to request.”

- or “Your attempt failed.”

- or “Failed to unlock network.”

There are three possible causes

Cause #1 (at least 90% of the cases)

The previous owner of the mobile device or you, the owner, might have entered many wrong codes. Such a scenario is referred to as a “Phone Freeze.”  

Cause #2 (at least 9% of the cases)

The mobile device might have a non-original ROM installed. For example, if the tablet or device has a Custom ROM installed such as Cyanogen MOD or Avatar, the provided code will not work.

Cause #3 (at least 1% of the cases)

The entered code is wrong. Cross check if the code you have entered is the one provided and you haven’t missed any digits. If you have entered the code correctly, then it means the cell phone company you ordered the code from, gave you a false code base or the computer generated the wrong code (rare but it can happen).

Cause #3 (New scenario started in summer 2015)

This scenario started appearing the summer of 2015. Two cellphone operator companies i.e. T-Mobile and MetroPCS started shipping their phones with a preinstalled application called “Device Unlock App.” This application is not for asking an unlock code, and even if you use it to request for an unlock passcode, your phone won't unlock. Don’t order for an unlock code if your mobile device has this app installed


Using the unlock code in a “Phone Freeze” scenario.

The message “Phone Freeze” or “Network Unlock Failure” means that someone had already attempted to unlock that device using a wrong code or the number of attempts made to unlock the phone had exceeded the three attempts permitted to do so. 

Such a case most likely means that you have bought a used tablet or cellphone, and the previous owner might have tried to unlock it using a wrong code.

We at Mobile Unlocked will give you 100% correct unlock codes since they come directly from the Samsung manufacturers.

Unlock Code #1 –NETWORK unlock code known as NCK Code

Unlock Code #2 – DEFREEZE or UNFREEZE Key. This code is used to unlock the test counter known as the MCK Key

The aim is to “unfreeze” the device and thus free the phone or tablet from the locked network.

How to “Unfreeze” your Samsung device using the MCK Code

I will explain in depth, the various methods you can use to unfreeze your Samsung using the MCK Code.

Unfreeze Method #1:

The first step is to turn off your mobile device be it a mobile phone or tablet and replace your SIM card with a non-compatible SIM card. Enter the new SIM card PIN if your device asks for it.

Once “Phone Freeze” message appears on the screen, enter the unfreeze code then confirm using the “OK” or “#” or “call button.”

Note: When entering this code, nothing will appear on the screen, i.e., you will be typing blind. This is normal, and your mobile device doesn’t have any issues.  

Unfreeze Method #2:

Insert a non-compatible SIM Card into your tablet or phone and enter the new SIM card PIN if your device asks for it.

Once “Phone Freeze” message appears, enter “#7465625*638*UNFREEZECODE#” without the quotes and replace UNFREEZECODE with the MCK code we will provide. 

Unfreeze Method #3:

Put a non-compatible SIM Card into your tablet or phone and enter the new SIM card PIN if your device asks for it.

Enter the first code i.e. Network/NCK then confirm the code using the OK button. 

Then enter the second code i.e. Unfreeze/MCK then confirm the code using the OK button.   

Enter the unlock code again and your device will be unlocked.

Reboot your Samsung device.

Unfreeze Method #4:

Put a non-compatible SIM Card into your tablet or phone and enter the new SIM card PIN if your device asks for it.

Once your phone/tablet gives you the message “Emergency call only” click the CALL button and enter the unfreeze MCK Code. Your device will ask you for a code.

Enter the NETWORK Code given by the supplier and you are good to go.

Unfreeze Method #5:

Put a non-compatible SIM Card into your tablet or phone and enter the new SIM card PIN if your device asks for it.

Press CALL and enter *7465625*638*CODE#. Here CODE is the network operator’s code.

If the tablet/phone returns the “Phone Freeze. SIM not available. Please contact your operator” message, call your operator and inform them of the error.

Reboot your mobile device. If your phone has a removable battery, turn it off, and remove the battery. Put back the battery and turn your phone on.

There is no “tries” limit so keep entering the unfreeze code till there is a message on your screen asking you to enter the NETWORK code.

Order the factory code to make things easier...

The operator method is the cheapest way to receive the unlock code only. However, to make things easier, and receive both the network and unfreeze code it’s always advisable to choose the FACTORY code option.

It’s more costly than the operation option but its way faster and more reliable.

Unlocking a non-original ROM Device: Unlocking software + USB cable

If you wiped your Samsung phone or tab and decided to try out a non-original ROM, the supplied code will almost certainly not work.

The first step is using Odin to reflash your Samsung device using an original Android Platform, probably one that’s in line with that of the initial phone operator.

If doing so still doesn’t work, we will provide you with a software unlock your Samsung device, as long as your model is supported. There is no need to worry as 90% of all Samsung phones including the latest models are supported.

We provide our customer with the software if all other methods fail. The software will require a USB cable and Windows PC to work.

At Mobile Unlocked, we never give up till your device is unlocked!

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